St Nicholas Industrial School & Chapel

St Nicholas Industrial School & Chapel


The Manor House and St. Nicholas' church are two stunning Victorian buildings that stand proud alongside other properties built in the 1990s on Gladding Road, Manor Park. Until now, little was known about these buildings and the history of the seven acre site around Gladding, Whitta and Capel Roads.

This book retraces the history of the Manor House and St. Nicholas' Industrial School and Chapel, placing the buildings in their nineteenth-century context and their relation to other key buildings. It surveys the use of the Manor House in its bicentenary year. This grand edifice has been the home of the Fry family; an Industrial School; the London Cooperative Society; and finally a modernised place of residence. With over fifty archive photographs, this book is a fascinating read and a long overdue examination of such an important area of East London.

ISBN-10: 1844269302
ISBN-13: 978-1844269303

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