new music for woodwind orchestra by British composers



Czech Philharmonic Wind Ensemble

Shea Lolin, conductor


New Music

Twisted Skyscape is a unique classical music album - the first of its kind - devoted entirely to new music written for the woodwind orchestra. It has been recorded with the outstanding playing from the woodwind section of the Czech Philharmonic.


New Genre

The album is a premiere recording of a woodwind orchestra making it a completely new and unique concept. It has a highly adaptable and magical tonal palette - it can be, in turn, boldly vibrant and delicately beautiful, thrillingly powerful and hauntingly tender, earnestly solemn and joyously comical.



In March 2014, the principal woodwind players from one of the world's leading orchestras, the Czech Philharmonic, recorded an exciting and unique classical music album—the first of its kind—devoted entirely to new music written for the woodwind orchestra.
Featuring music especially written for the woodwind orchestra by living British composers, Twisted Skyscape showcases an unfamiliar, unusual and kaleidoscopic soundworld created by flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons and saxophones—an instrumental line-up that many music lovers will be encountering for the very first time! The ambition of the album's conductor Shea Lolin and composer/producer Christopher Hussey is to introduce new audiences to the power of the medium, and being the first recording dedicated to contemporary woodwind music, it is a much-needed disc, giving a voice to both the genre and some fantastic pieces. Its variety is captured here in an enjoyable and powerful selection of five accesible modern concert works, four of which have never been released before, by composers Philip Sparke (Overture for Woodwinds), Adam Gorb (Battle Symphony), Gary Carpenter (Pantomime) and Christopher Hussey (Twisted Skyscape, Dreamtide).


Watch the 30-minute documentary by Colin Izod (Big Heart Media), which tells the story of 'the making of the album'. It follows the rehearsal and recording sessions in Prague, and includes interviews with the conductor and featured composers.


The Twisted Skyscape project was featured in the October 2015 edition of Classical Music Magazine (UK). The edition was published on 1 October 2015 and included an exclusive two page article with pictures:

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“A fantastic way to delve into the colourful world of the woodwind orchestra, with music which is varied but always approachable.”  CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE

“This is a highly attractive new release featuring some remarkable works for wind ensemble. Given the terrific sounds that the Czech Philharmonic Wind Ensemble brings to this music we need to hear more from them.” THE CLASSICAL REVIEWER


"The woodwind soloists of the Czech Philharmonic make for a world-class woodwind ensemble. Their playing under Shea Lolin’s leadership is mostly flawless and quite musically compelling.... On every track, the potential of the woodwind ensemble as an artistic medium is clear." ANDY PEASE'S WIND BAND BLOG

"This CD will allow you to explore some fascinating British music... Highly recommended.” COLCHESTER GAZETTE


“Magnificently performed and recorded with the kind of detail and range which gives the sound a ‘demonstration’ quality. The ambition of a genuine ‘orchestra’ as is heard here creates worlds of subtlety and detailed layers of timbre the equal of many a conventional philharmonic.” MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL


“Twisted Skyscape starting a new renaissance in woodwind repertoire – heralding the arrival of the woodwind orchestra.” WINDS MAGAZINE (BASBWE)


“Wonderful depth to the sound with lovely lower timbres – all the music is going to be appealing to amateur and professional wind ensembles.” ROBERT HUGILL


“A fascinating recording with committed playing and eye-opening repertoire which is definitely worth exploring.” BRITISH MUSIC SOCIETY


The Twisted Skyscape project was founded and is maintained by conductor Shea Lolin and producer Christopher Hussey. If you have any enquiries about the crowdfunding campaign, press materials, sponsors, patrons, supporters or future projects, please make contact.

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