Twisted Skyscape is a unique classical music album - the first of its kind - devoted entirely to new music written for the woodwind orchestra. It has been recorded with the outstanding playing from the woodwind section of the Czech Philharmonic. The album is a premiere recording of a woodwind orchestra making it a completely new and unique concept. It has a highly adaptable and magical tonal palette - it can be, in turn, boldly vibrant and delicately beautiful, thrillingly powerful and hauntingly tender, earnestly solemn and joyously comical.


Gustav Theodore Holst wrote thirteen works for wind instruments which encompass three decades of his life. They include six works for military band, three chamber works, a piece for brass band and three arrangements of his other compositions. The publication is an assessment of the pieces written for military band in the context of Holst’s double life as a composer and educator. Drawing together material from the BBC, British Library, Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music, this booklet will prove to be a useful resource for wind players as well as a fascinating read for the enthusiast.

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