As a highly innovative and resourceful freelancer, Shea Lolin offers media production at commercial level. With a background as a professional musician, the creative element has been a strong motivator in this media work.

All media (video, photography and sound) are edited in the complete range of Adobe Creative Cloud for graphic design, video editing, web development and photography. Video can now be shot and output in 4K quality. 

Shea Lolin is qualified for commercial drone work (aerial footage and photography).

Get videos made for a press release or other promotional activity including:

  • interviews

  • social media adverts

  • advertising campaigns

  • musical performances

  • venue advertising

  • property and real estate listing images

Graphic design work includes:

  • logos

  • event and exhibition graphics (small and large scale)

  • print-ready advertisements

  • catalogues and brochures

  • business stationary

  • programmes

  • leaflets

  • books

In addition to the media work above, musical services can be offered including producing and performing.



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