Shea Lolin is a busy conductor and follows his passion for conducting a diverse collection of wind ensembles. He continues to promote the woodwind orchestra genre, working with internationally recognised musicians from the key symphony orchestras of Europe.

Acknowledged for conducting innovative music, Shea is equally unwavering about the importance of balanced programming and making a place for research to put performances into their historical and stylistic context. This combined with his passion for wind music lead to a publication The Complete Wind Music of Gustav Holst.

Shea continues to support music education with his conducting. In addition to the highly popular ensemble courses at Benslow Music, he is very much in demand with numerous independent societies and groups. He is Artistic Director of the ‘Woodwind Orchestra Play Day’ which has attracted over one thousand woodwind players around the United Kingdom




Arranging music from one medium to another is an age-old technique that dates back to the fourteenth century when vocal polyphony was carefully crafted into keyboard arrangements. Bach and Mozart both made arrangements of other composers’ concertos before writing any of their own. Renewed energy came in the seventeenth century with the invention of the piano. Beethoven arranged his own violin concerto as a piano concerto.


The idea of transcribing a piece of orchestral music to bring it within the technical capabilities of domestic pianists, for example, is as exciting now as ever; and Shea Lolin’s arrangement work has been diverse and wide ranging. As a conductor of unusually scored ensembles (such as woodwind orchestra and clarinet choir), Shea has had to arrange music to sustain interesting concert programmes.




Shea has commissioned over 500 arrangements and 100 new works for a vast number of projects as a conductor, performer and manager. 


He has secured an impressive amount of funding through private donors and crowdfunding. He has secured funding from all the major awarding bodies and through local and central governments.


If you have a project involving new music which requires funding, make contact with Shea directly>>


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