Shea Lolin studied at the Colchester Institute School of Music and since graduating has worked in almost every area of the music industry from performing and conducting to managing several organisations and companies.

At the heart of his diverse portfolio career is his contribution as a conductor of wind orchestras and ensembles. He continues to promote the little-known genre of the woodwind orchestra which has led him to work with internationally recognised musicians from the key symphony orchestras of Europe. His recording with the Czech Philharmonic, Twisted Skyscape, was the first and is the only commercially released album of woodwind orchestra music. Acknowledged for conducting innovative music, Shea is equally unwavering about the importance of well-judged programming and making a place for research to put performances into their historical and stylistic context. This combined with his passion for wind music lead to a publication The Complete Wind Music of Gustav Theodore Holst.

Performing on several instruments continues to be an important aspect of Shea’s professional career which includes clarinet, piano and organ. His keyboard facility supports a healthy field of work as a liturgical musician in addition to accompanying for exams, festivals and competitions. He also has strong links with many choirs, livery companies and five-star hotels in London, providing entertainment at corporate and private events.

Shea has undertaken content and editorial work for several music publishers in addition to his own catalogue of arrangement work numbering over 500 scores. He has commissioned over 700 arrangements and new works for a vast number of projects as a conductor, performer and manager. Shea has galvanised interest and financial backing for a huge number of musical projects through private donors and crowdfunding in addition to all the major awarding musical bodies, local and central government departments.